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How to Tell If Her Persona Is Legit

“Oh, so you a cam girl!”

Cam models exist because there are women that need money and guys that are horny. So the models go online and come up with a personality that they can use on their chat room for the site. With that personality they will satisfy any guy’s fantasy. But just because they’ve signed up for this doesn’t mean that they’re any good at it. Having a cam girl with a legit persona is key to making a good show, whether it’s private or not. You may not think that you care about a legit persona, but when you’re signing up for a private time slot with her you’ll be pissed if you start the show and then she ends up being the total opposite of what you wanted. Luckily there are a few steps that you can take to figure out if her persona is legit or not.

Her Background Reflects It

A real cam girl will always take care of the background while live cam sex. Check out to find the best cam girls sites who give you a great show. A cam model has to run everything from her room. It could be a bedroom or a living room, but no matter what it is it reflects on her. When cam girl sites get reviewed the way that the cam models lay out their area can be picked apart. If your cam model is putting out a rock persona that will whoop your ass then look around for clues that show that she’s willing to carry it through. Metal records, black clothes, and even posters can easily be put up to make the scenario more believable. If you can find a woman that puts this much effort into her background then you know that she’ll be able to keep it believable in the chat room.

She Looks the Part

“Take a close view and you’ll come to know a lot about her”

Obviously a huge part of a cam model’s persona is how she looks. Not only do looks give us a first impression, they actually can be what gets her her business in the first place. When a cam model sets up her profile on a site she’s selling herself. So she has to take pictures and even video of what she looks like. If you find that her profile has her in about five different types of outfits and makeup then she’s probably not committed to one of them. This isn’t to say that there are cam models that can’t pull this off, but finding her will be hard. It’s sort of like a Jack of all Trades. She’ll be good at a few things, but not great at one. When you’re paying top dollar to get a mistress, dominatrix, sub, girl next door, etc. you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

She Talks the Talk

Part of a persona is being able to act it out. Not all people can act, but women have an easier time doing it if it’s for a part that they have to play. Women are already sexy, so after they look the way they should they just have to figure out how to talk the talk. When you find a cam girl who can keep her foul mouth running while acting like a punky bitch then you know that she’s committed to what she’s doing. Since you’re online and can’t actually touch her you’re having to rely hugely on what she says to get you off. A cam model that can’t talk dirty to you isn’t worth the time, but even more so if she can’t keep up with words that you’d commonly find in your fantasy then you’d better stop now. For example: dominating is a very specific fantasy that requires really specific roles. Once you figure out what kind of Dom you want her to be, she needs to keep up with that. Being able to use phrases like “You’ll lick my boot if I want you to, sissy” and “You won’t cum until I tell you to” can feel weird for some people to say. When your cam model can spit furious game at you without a pause then she’s definitely deserving of the money.

Look Up a Review

“Browse for reviews online”

When you look up “cam girl sites reviewed” on your favorites search engine there should be at least a few hits that will give you specifics on the cam site that you frequent. The way a review site works is that they throw out a few different subjects. What cam girls operate best on what site, who charges the fairest price, who has the most scams-per-customer etc. Pick one that has a list for the top 10 sex cam sites. From here you should have an easy route to get to your site of choice. Then you’ll have a great overview and better idea on what their business model is like. That’s when you get to narrow it down to your one girl. On the site that you’re visiting you’ll be able to find a review for each cam model on there. It will always be a user review based thing, so expect to get some honesty here. The fellow guys who get off to these women will be able to tell you if she’s a woman that can take your fantasy to its maximum ability.

She’s Consistent

You won’t always be able to tell if a woman is legit with her persona right off the bat. When you find someone that you think really can get you off then spend some time making sure. Chat rooms that are public can be just as sexy (for the time being) as a private one. A good rule of thumb is to visit her room at least three times before you commit to a private session with her. That way you can observe how she acts. If you find that each time you’ve been around she’s been able to keep her cheerleader persona going to a T then she’s legit. Now would be the time to get in on her services. If she can convince you in a free chat space then you know she can get down privately.

She’s Quick on Her Feet

“You’ll be genuinely happy with her performance”

When cam girl sites get reviewed a big factor to how well they score is whether their cam models can think on their feet. Providing a service like personal porn can be really challenging. The guys all get to direct and the models have to go with whatever they’re getting paid for. So when she’s in the middle of a naughty teacher routine for a guy that broke the rules she’ll have to be prepared for things to change. Maybe that naughty boy has decided that he’s not talking. She gets to force it out of him with nothing but her authority and a pushup bra. Being that resourceful and imaginative can save her in that situation and make sure that the customer gets what he pays for. A model that can do that is definitely deserving of the money that she earns.

Finding a cam model who can keep her persona on at all times is going to pay off in the end. You’ll be able to trust her to carry out whatever fantasy that you’ve asked because you know that she can handle it. That’s how cam models go from being just a hot chick to someone that you’d gladly pay.

Stay Private: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself in Social Media

We’ve all heard of the dangers of social media – from the accumulation of stalkers-who-could-possibly-be-serial-killers to your mom knowing how hard you party. To tell you honestly, your private info might not be too private in your social media accounts. There are ways to safe social networking, though, and you better be safe than sorry.

1. Don’t post what you don’t want others to know

This is the simplest yet the most effective thing you could ever do to keep your private information safe. Control yourself from posting every tidbit of your personal life, not only because if you’re not cautious, they may be used against you, but also because you might be affected of the reality that most of your “friends” don’t actually care about them. And avoid detrimental status updates or tweets that are not only rude, but also hurtful to other people. Everything you post will be remembered, by the internet at least, and might be used against you. So think twice.

Attention College Applicants: Admissions Can See Your Facebook Page  Read more:

Attention College Applicants: Admissions Can See Your Facebook Page
Read more:

2. Don’t “accept” strangers

Mothers’ rule of “don’t talk to strangers” still applies to your social network accounts. Better yet, don’t accept them as a “friend” on Facebook or grant their request to follow you on Twitter if you’re not sure they can be trusted with whatever you post online. You’re not being rude by doing so; you’re just making sure you are not exposing your private stuff to people who are entirely non-existent in your life.

3. Don’t post in public

There’s a reason why you can customize the ‘Who Can See My Posts’ option on Facebook, because for sure, the “friends” you did not accept will only keep on creeping up on you through your visible posts. ‘Protect your tweets’ on Twitter and make your photos on Instagram private as well. It can do a lot of wonders; trust me.

4. Don’t link everything to Facebook

The ‘linking’ feature social networks have may appear to make your online social life easier and less hassle. However, it may not only be dangerous for your info to be shared that much, but it will also be a hassle to every one of your friends in every social networking account that you own since they will be seeing the same posts over and over again. If you really want to go on with it, you can always customize your settings.

Don’t link everything to Facebook

Don’t link everything to Facebook

5. Limit who can find you

By ensuring that your profile can only be found by people you know, limit access only to Friends, or perhaps to Friends of Friends. Through this, you are blocking search engines from finding you unless the person enters the correct email address or mobile number you have given to Facebook.

Because you have signed up for a social network account, you are accountable to everything you post online. Know how to protect yourself and be a responsible online user.

3 Cost-Free Ways To Find Out Whether Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

The most painful experience that you can go through is finding out that your spouse is cheating on you. Infidelity is probably the worst sin that your partner can commit to ultimately destroy your relationship.

But sometimes, the discovery that your partner is cheating on you does not come easy. In many instances it is pure accidental. A woman decides to shop by herself at a mall and sees her husband, who had left her a message that he’ll be late at work, walking unsuspectingly with another woman. They clearly aren’t friends and their sweetness readily gives the illicit affair away.

Now if you have a gut-feel that your spouse is sleeping around with another woman, what should you do? Here are 3 simple ways to catch him red-handed without having to spend a single cent.

Cheating Signs: How To Know If Your Wife Is Being Unfaithful

Cheating Signs: How To Know If Your Wife Is Being Unfaithful

Scavenge through his stuff

One indication that your spouse might be cheating on you is his sudden secretiveness. Out of the blue he snaps at you for touching his things which is not being his usual self or you notice that he’s been tucking his stuff away from you and out of your reach. Wait for an opportunity to scavenge secretly among his things. You might find something big like a curious slip of paper with an anonymous number on it, or a hanky with a lipstick mark, or his cellular phone with very intriguing text messages. Keep these as you might need them as hard evidence in a later confrontation.

Follow him around

You’ve noticed that your husband is coming home unusually late for the past weeks and he’s told you he is busy with overtime work. Take the opportunity to discover whether he’s doing monkey business by secretly taking a day off at your office and waiting on him to come out of his workplace. If need be, bring along a close friend with a car so you can follow him around. You are most likely to discover something fishy.

Watch out for a slip of the tongue

One way or another, liars get caught by loopholes in their stories. Get well rehearsed for a subtle and tactful interrogation. On his most unexpected moment, ask him about something you know he is truly unprepared for. For example, tell him a white lie that a woman left him a message in his phone while he was in the bath or that a close friend had mentioned seeing him with a woman. Watch the tone of your voice to make your questions appear casual and innocent. One way or another he might stumble in his excuse. He might be able to think up an escape but his nervous gestures will give him away.

Cheating Wife? 71 Percent Of Men Still In Love After Spouse Cheats: Survey

Cheating Wife? 71 Percent Of Men Still In Love After Spouse Cheats: Survey

Always remember that you have the power to change the situation with your husband. If you suspect he’s cheating on you, don’t be afraid to look for the truth. Assert your rights as a wife and if the future looks bleak between you and your cheating spouse, don’t think twice about leaving. You’ll definitely be a much happier and freer woman.

Top 3 Foods That May Trigger Your Children’s Allergies

Kids may always be the one prone to food allergies and it makes you worried, especially when you still know little what kinds of food your child is allergic with. If you’re clueless yet, here are some of the worst foods that mostly cause allergy which you might want to keep out of your children’s reach.

1. Easy with the milk

While we all know that an infant needs milk for sustenance and growth, you better assess how it reacts with your child first. It’s possible for children to develop an allergy on milk. They are more allergic to cow’s milk as it affects about 2.5 percent of all infants. However, other milks such as goat and sheep milk may cause allergic reactions as well. The cause is usually directed to two major milk proteins which are casein and whey. The sugar in milk, on the other hand, may not cause allergy but rather food intolerance. Although infants may outgrow their milk allergy by age five, they will usually be at risk for developing other allergies such as beef allergy.

Causes of Fatigue and Sleepiness

Causes of Fatigue and Sleepiness

2. Eggs are not such a good idea

You better think twice before serving eggs to your kids for breakfast. About 2.5% of young children are affected by this type of allergy, making it the most common. They may be allergic to either of the white, yolk, or both. Although they will also outgrow this allergy five years later, they already have an increased risk at developing other allergies such as asthma. You also have to take note that egg allergic children should not be given an influenza shot. However, the MMR vaccine can be safely given to these children, though it was once a concern in children with egg allergies.

3. Eliminate so

This type of legume approximately affects 0.3% of children but is usually outgrown by children at a young age. It also barely causes life-threatening reactions when the allergy strikes but the itching and skin redness will still be there to cause your child some discomfort. Since soy may be related to those who are allergic in cow’s milk as well, experts suggest infant formulas using hydrolyzed proteins to be given to milk-allergic children.

Fast food and takeaways linked to surge in child asthma and allergies

Fast food and takeaways linked to surge in child asthma and allergies

Different types of food may appear to cause allergic reactions to your child. Some of it may occur at an early age and may be outgrown later on in life, or it may occur in reverse. If you suspect the cause of your child’s allergies from the food he or she may have eaten beforehand, or if you haven’t known the real cause yet, it’s better to take minimal amount of these top three foods and assess any abnormal reaction from your child. It is better to be cautious especially when it comes to our health.

5 Ways to Use Loyalty Cards and Get the Highest Return

Loyalty cards are excellent ways to entice customers to continue patronizing a company. There are a lot of perks that you can enjoy if you have a loyalty card. You get more if you spend more. You can also choose from different rewards. Sounds good? You can actually get good returns if you know how to use your loyalty card effectively. Here are 5 ways to use your loyalty cards properly and get the highest return:

1. Spend money only on what you need

Just because you have a loyalty card doesn’t mean that you have to buy whatever you find in order to get points. Buy only those that you truly need. Don’t be too attached with your loyalty cards. And after the purchase, don’t forget to collect applicable points.

How to get a flight upgrade: 15 ways to get bumped up to business

How to get a flight upgrade: 15 ways to get bumped up to business

2. Be wise in using your credit

You get bonus points when using affiliated credit cards for your purchases. However, if you don’t pay your balance on time, your rewards will be consumed by the penalties. So make sure that you have the means to pay your credit card every month before taking advantage of bonus points.

3. Get travel points

The best way to get a lot of points is to travel. Fly and make use of your credit card for your tickets. There are some carriers that have lots of partners. Before you choose an airline, find out if you can use your credit card will give you points.

4. Join more than one program

By joining at least two programs, you’ll have enough points to get the reward that you want. For instance, if you want to travel with your whole family, you may have to use the rewards you have for two airline companies to get free tickets for everyone.

5. Watch out for bonus offers and new announcements

Take the time to visit websites where you will get information regarding bonus offers. You also need to know the latest updates of the program. There are some companies that allow trading of points. Getting to know what the program covers allows you to make the most out of the program and go for rewards that suit your needs.

Credit card reward programs carry risks

Credit card reward programs carry risks

Loyalty cards are great treats for people who know how to use them properly. It’s easy to make use of loyalty cards. Then again, it doesn’t mean you can use yours whenever you want. Be a wise shopper. Companies have loyalty programs so you’ll acquire their products or services. Don’t just look at the points you’ll earn or the rewards you’ll get. And never buy something you don’t need just for the sake of getting points. Also, to make the most out of the program, watch out for affiliated credit cards as well as other ways for you to get bonus points. This way, you’ll take advantage of the program without actually spending on things that you don’t need.